The oncologist spoke about the dangers of being in the sun

Oncologist of the Ministry of Health, General Director of the National Medical Research Center of Radiology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Kaprin in his interview named the main reason for the development of skin cancer.

With his statement, he upset the category of people who really like to sunbathe in the sun. It turns out there is no safe tanning. Because ultraviolet rays penetrate deep into the skin. An irreversible process is started. Special sunscreen is not a reliable remedy. Has a temporary effect.

Oncologists recommend not to be in the sun in the summer, even if you have no health problems. The most dangerous time for sunbathing is 12-16 hours of the day. The sun is at its most active.

Ultraviolet rays provoke skin cancer. This is a dangerous disease because it is difficult to treat. Only at the first stage is it possible to save a person’s life. But, as a rule, the patient is unaware of the disease. Melanoma is perceived as an ordinary mole. It has distinctive features: dark color, lack of clear contours, and dynamically increases in size. You can accurately determine what kind of pigment formation this is using the ABCDE .

Kaprin said that the incidence of melanoma is growing. Accounts for 40.3% of all cancers. Over the past year, mortality from this disease has increased by 13.4%. There is no safe tanning. Oncologists call the sun a “cancer” factor. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your skin and do not forget to undergo a routine examination with a dermatologist.

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