Modern methods of treating tumors

At the Sklifosovsky Institute in Moscow, more than 2,000 thousand operations have already been performed to remove various tumors without pain using a special gamma knife.

The complex procedure is completely free and is carried out on a general basis for residents of remote regions. The tumor removal procedure involves using a gamma knife for benign or even malignant tumors.

Features of the procedure at the Sklifosovsky are:

— free implementation on expensive equipment;

- this is a complex effect of 192 rays that do not cause harm;

— minimizing risks for the patient;

— the work of doctors with millimeter precision.

The success of a gamma knife operation is largely ensured by the level of professionalism and good practice of the medical specialist. The process of radiobiological exposure of DNA cells promotes cell disintegration and gradual utilization, and the tumor is gradually destroyed. The procedure is implemented for people of different ages, including children and adolescents.

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