Scientists have named the causes of lung cancer in non-smokers

The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking. The lungs of a long-term smoker are no longer able to function normally.

But the disease occurs in people who are not addicted to smoking. What causes lung cancer in people who do not have an addiction? Scientists from University College London conducted more than one study and found the reason.

It turns out that lung cancer occurs in non-smoking people, because they are exposed to a harmful environment. This may be an ecologically unfavorable area where they live for a long period. Work involving hazardous substances (where a person inhales chemical fumes).

Lung cancer can be found in passive smokers. People who go out to smoke “for company” or smoke occasionally.

Professor Mick Peake in his interview confirmed an important fact: people who do not smoke do not believe in the occurrence of lung cancer. It is necessary to undergo fluorography as planned, get rid of bad habits, choose a favorable area for living, and avoid inhaling smoke.

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