Trojan horse for cancer. Scientists tested a new drug

Until recently, everyone was sure that there was no complete cure for cancer. But scientists from the British Cancer Research Institute have invented a drug that can fight more than six types of tumors.

This drug is absolutely unique in its action, thanks to which it received the nickname “Trojan Horse”. The drug composition of the drug is carefully disguised under an antibody that is harmless to the tumor. This allows the drug to penetrate into the very center of formation and begin to destroy it from the inside.

Due to experiments carried out on sick patients who were not helped by other types of therapy, it was possible to find out that the drug works. The malignant formations of the subjects became significantly smaller, or stopped growing for a period of more than nine months, and this is an unsurpassed result.

The best performance of the drug was found in the fight against tumors of the bladder and cervix. Also, a quarter of the patients who were considered incurable began to feel much better, which was confirmed by tests. Treatment with the drug is also effective in treating lung, uterine, esophageal and ovarian cancer, but unfortunately the drug was powerless against prostate cancer.

“Trojan horse or TV” is an intravenous drug that is a hybrid of immunotherapy and chemotherapy. The active substance is located at the end of a harmless antibody, which attaches to a certain type of protein (CD142), which is very abundant on cancer cells. The tumor does not see any danger to itself and draws the antibody into the middle.

About 150 cancer patients from Denmark, Great Britain, the USA, Belgium and Sweden took part in the initial trials of the drug. The success of the results was talked about even before their publication in the media. Therefore, scientists immediately began the second stage of testing, but with several hundred patients.

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